About Me

For those of you who for some reason want to know about me, I am NYGIANTSFANFOREVER (or Evan, take your pick).  I'm currently almost finished with college (majoring in Finance/Administration), and after that I'd like to get a job somewhere in the business world.  After reading that, though, you might be wondering why the heck I'm writing a blog on apps.  Well, it's simple: One of my dreams has always been to one day write for one of the bigger tech review/news sites (so if someone out there is reading this blog, forward me on, will ya!).  Unfortunately, because the odds of getting a staff position on any -- even the smallest of websites writing on a for-free basis -- are extremely tiny, I decided to strike out on my own and write for awhile to at least keep myself sharp.  Will I accomplish that goal of writing for some site one day?  Time will tell haha.