Monday, December 27, 2010

Creating Bookmarks

For a mobile internet browser, Safari is pretty awesome.  Unlike some of the other mobile browsers that I've had the displeasure of using, Safari is crisp, clean, and gets the job done in a fairly efficient way.  If Apple would decide to implement flash (which apparently will never happen as long as Steve remains the king of the apple trees), Safari would probably be the best browser I've ever used on a mobile platform.  But alas, this isn't a review of Safari, but rather a little trick that I've found over my use of it.

Basically, picture yourself sitting on the homescreen of your iPhone or iPod (for testing purposes, I'll be using my iPod today).  You're too lazy to open up Safari and type in the website that you want to access, so you simply move on with some other task.  For those of us that that little widget applies to, there's a little trick that will simply put the website that you're looking to access as an app on your home screen that can be accessed without much work at all.

Step One: Access the website that you're looking to bookmark on your home screen.  As long as you can access it in Safari, you can put a bookmark to it directly on your home screen.

Step Two: You see that little arrow on the bottom middle of the screen?  Tap it.  Not too hard right?

Step Three: You'll now see a small menu as pictured above.  Click "Add to Home Screen" to continue on to the next menu.

Step Four: Name your new app whatever you'd like to call it.  I prefer to keep it short, as if you make it too long it'll be shortened on your screen, which will make your elaborately planned name useless anyway.

Step Five: Profit.  The app is now made, and you should be able to use it as a bookmark to whatever site you made it for.  Told you it was easy.  And yes, my wallpaper is awesome.  Just wanted to throw that in there.


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