Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Usually, you pay for what you get.  TV's, appliances, cologne...yeah.  Well, thankfully, that's not always the case with apps, as a game by the name of StarDunk wishes to prove.  Created by Godzilabs, StarDunk is a free, addictive app that takes an extremely simple concept and makes it into something actually worth playing.  Don't believe me?  Read on.

StarDunk is, as its name implies, a game where you'll be attempting to shoot a variety of basketball-like projectiles towards a makeshift hoop on the other end of your screen.  Score as many points as you can within the given time.  Sound simple?  Well, it really is/isn't.  You see, while this game can easily be treated as a pick-up and play type of experience, doing so would really shaft how much creativity went into making StarDunk the addicting app that it is.  For starters, there is an absolute load of different balls to make use of throughout the course of the game.  Using these different balls adds both variety and challenge to gameplay, as while some balls make it easier to score by being smaller, others allow you to line up your shots by plodding along at a slower, more methodically challenged pace.

On top of that, there is also a rich power-up system that can be attained by lighting up the glowing panels behind the basket.  Once the panels are lit, your ball will be bestowed with different abilities such as score multipliers, multi-balls, or even a larger hoop to make it easier to score "extra clean shots", the game's form of a real life basketball "swish".

StarDunk also features a multi-player mode, although the difference between that and the single player experience is minimal.  Instead of just seeing your own score, you'll also be matched up with a bunch of other players, although unless you get really good at the game, you probably won't be catching up to them anytime soon.  Other then that, the music is pretty bleh, while the graphics look up to par with everything else you could expect to see from the iPhone/iPod Touch's retina display.

All things considered, StarDunk is a great app for those looking to boost up their Game Center achievement library (yes, it is compatible), while still maintaining a good sense of fun through its ball variety.  At free, it's definitely worth the download.



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