Friday, December 17, 2010

Cut the Rope Holiday Gift Edition App Review

Sometimes app developers make use of Christmas as an opportunity to pawn off a festive style of their main app to make a bit of extra cash.  Not so with the happy Christmas elves located at Chillingo, who decided to spread a bit of Christmas cheer by giving away a free new level pack of their popular app, Cut the Rope.  Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift Edition stars the absolutely adorable Om Nom.  Om Nom likes to be on a perpetual sugar high, so your job is to feed him candy by "Cutting the Rope" that is keeping that candy away from him.  Nothing has changed from the original version of the game, so all of the same concepts that you've probably gotten attached to playing the original are all present here.  There are 25 levels available to test your candy feeding powers, as well as a few achievements thrown in for all of you achievement addicts out there.  Is it worth downloading a totally separate app to play this, though?

You'd have to be a new incarnate of the grinch not to.


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