Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taking Mutton Off of The Menu (TowerMadness Review)

Ah, the farm/pasture/let's look after sheep life.  Beautiful serenity, life is truly perfect in the world of TowerMadness.  Being as a perfect reality doesn't really make for a great app, however, something had to go wrong.  Something had to, well, interrupt our wonderful world of sheepy goodness (yes, I made up that word).  That something happens to be invaders looking to steal your sheep, which will inevitably lead to you, as the player, trying to drive off said invaders with a unique host of weapons.

If you've ever gotten into the tower defense genre before, you should fully know what to expect from TowerMadness.  All of your standard features are here, from multiple levels of difficulty to a diverse cast of weapons from which you can use to defend the sheep.  If you've never played a tower defense game before there might be a bit of explaining to do, though.  Basically, waves of enemies (in this case, aliens) will be dropped off at one point on the map.  After they depart from their ship, they'll make their way over to your sheep pen in an attempt to steal your sheep.  In order to stop them from doing this, you'll erect a defense force in the form of multiple different weapons ranging from cannons to lasers to even nukes.  Each weapon can be further upgraded to increase damage and firing potential.  After you either prevent the aliens from getting your sheep (or they manage to get 10 of your sheep), it's game over.

In concept, it sounds pretty simple.  In practice, it's actually extremely addictive.  One reason why I love TowerMadness as much as I do is simply because you can pick it up, set your defensive force, and put it down for a few seconds while the game plays out.  Constant attention does become a necessity as levels progress, but for the most part, TowerMadness allows the player to play without giving up large portions of your life in order to so.  This allows it to be perfect for bus rides or short jaunts, which is practically a necessity with the way our society continues to progress.

Graphically, TowerMadness is on full 3D plane.  It looks developed, and while it can get a bit pixilated at times, nothing is really detrimental to the experience.  Colors can look a bit washed out, which may or may not annoy some people.  Also, being as though the game is graphically intensive, you'll be paying a price for those pretty graphics at the cost of your iPhone's battery life.  Honestly, it was like watching a the gas needle on an old truck trying to get up a hill plumet towards the E sign.  That being said, there is a cost to pay with everything, and if you do like the three dimensional plane that TowerMadness provides, the battery drain could be worth it.

Other points of interest include full Game Center/achievement support while also including a fun endless mode for those who don't wish to play in one of the provided difficulty levels.  Regularly retailing for $3.00, TowerMadness is currently on sale in the app store for the cheap price of .99 cents.  If you like tower defense games and feel as though you can put up with the battery drain that comes from the game being played on a 3D plane, TowerMadness is a good place to park yourself.  If the battery drain may cause you problems, it may be in your best interest to look elsewhere.  It's a good game, and one that can definitely be recommended for the price.


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