Wednesday, December 29, 2010

For All of You iPod Touch Clutzes Out There...

I'm usually pretty good with my electronics.  For those moments that I'm not, though, I usually prefer to have a case on my iDevice.  While getting something for my iPhone was easy enough because of the shear saturation that is currently pervading the market, it's been a bit tougher in terms of finding something for my iPod Touch 4th Gen.

Which brings me to the point of this post.  The following are cases that I've had the pleasure of fooling around with over the last few months.  This post will give a brief opinion on each one.  They have NOT been donated for promotional purposes (although, hey, would be nice in the future haha).  I'll add more to this list as I go along and get more cases, so bookmark this for further use.  I'll eventually get around to doing one of these for the iPhone 4, so don't worry if you're iPhone only.  Without further ado:

Incipio Edge

Sleek and decently protective.  Radioshack currently has these for 19.99 on sale, while normal MSRP is usually in the ballpark of 29.99.  I like the case at 20 bucks because it focuses primarily on keeping the sleek design of the iPod while giving a nice matte finish on the side.  It does a good job of protecting against scratches as well.  Just make sure to clean the darn thing out once in awhile this way the debris that WILL GET IN won't put scratches on your precious chrome.  $30 puts it into the Incase Slider range, but for $20, you won't really find a better slider.  Get it while it's cheap!

Griffin Immerse

Generic silicon case, but it retails for a mere $7 at your local Wally World.  Comes in a pack of 3, as well.  If you don't mind going through the Ebay/Hong Kong route, I'd just get one of those because of the reduced cost.  If you do mind doing something like that, though, these are probably the cheapest cases you will find stateside.  When I first got the case, I was pretty disappointed in the way that they managed to pick up lint.  After further inspection, though, I've found these cases to have a nice, soft touch that is easy to grip while providing decent scratch protection to boot.  The ports are lined up well.  If you really want something to hold you over until the better cases come out, and you really don't want to go through ebay, these are a good place to start.

Speck Candyshell

Same as always.  Soft inside, hardshell outside.  Bottom piece is hit or miss depending on how you use the case, while I definitely recommend that you get a lighter color (white) if you have a problem with visible scratches.  Otherwise, good quality in a tough market.  A load of color choices, but as I said, stick with the lighter colors.

Otterbox Defender

Haven't gotten it yet, but if it's anything like the iPhone 4 version (or even the previous iPod Touch version), this case will definitely give your ipod the layer of protection that you've been looking for.  Pricy to say the least -- like, dump your bank account pricy -- but you won't find better protection.


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